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Natural Remedy for Burns

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Summer is almost officially here. We had our first day at the pool this weekend, and I was reminded of how much I despise sunblock. I don’t use sunblock for every trip to the playground, I know some sun exposure is actually needed to ensure proper levels of vitamin D. My own personal experience last year with vitamin D issues taught me there is no substitute for the sun when it comes to vitamin D. (A few days at the pool raised my vitamin D levels faster than months of supplementation, and I have the lab testing data to prove it). While sun exposure is essential for vitamin D, too much can be harmful. If I know we will be in direct sunlight for a few hours or more, I do use sunblock on my children. The sunblock I prefer at the moment is Badger. It is on the “safe” list for sunscreens, according to the EWG list. (source).

You can make your own sunscreen, with non-nano zinc, this is something I have done a few times.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we do get a little more sun than intended. It does not happen to me very often, I very rarely get sunburned, (thanks to my Italian heritage I suppose). I tend to get very tan. I did get sunburned a few years ago, when my family spent the day at the beach. I DID use sunscreen that day, had a few beach umbrellas, but we were still pretty pink. (It hurt before we took a  shower/bath, which is not a good sign). Fortunately, I had the homeopathic remedy for burns with me, Cantharis 30C. My daughter Lily and I took a dose as soon as we got home, and one more just before bedtime. When we woke up in the morning, the sunburn was completely gone, we both had a tan instead. With me, that would not be too remarkable, given my skin tone. But my daughter does not have my skin tone, she was actually quite pale before the trip to the beach. So needless to say, this is a homeopathic remedy I keep in my first aid kit now.

Natural Remedy for Burns

Cantharis does not just work for sunburns, it works for ANY burn. One time I burned my hand when sterilizing a mason jar. I poured boiling water into the jar and some of it got on my hand. I happened to have an aloe plant, and I put aloe on it right away. This did not help. So I took one dose of Cantharis 30C right away. Fifteen minutes I took one dose of Hypericum 30C for the pain. The pain went away in 15-20 minutes. Usually I develop a blister when I burn myself, but this time the burn did not blister. In fact, it was barely pink, I healed very quickly. I was still new to homeopathy at the time, so I was very much amazed.

Cantharis also works for chemical burns. One time I mixed a hot pepper in with my other peppers in the vegetable drawer. The yellow pepper I cut up for lunch had enough hot pepper juice on it to set my nose on FIRE. (It really burned, I was really surprised how much it hurt, because I ate a lot of spicy foods in South Korea. This was awful!!). It took a few doses of Cantharis 30c, but it made the burning stop.

Three DIFFERENT types of burns, ONE homeopathic remedy. Can you see why I LOVE HOMEOPATHY!

Homeopathic remedies can be hard to find in stores. They are available on Amazon, but in my experience it takes a long time to get them. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a homeopathic first aid kit. This is the first aid kit I use –

Need sunburn relief but no homeopathic remedies on hand? I keep this Calendula cream in my first aid kit. 


I have also noticed that my skin seems resistant to burns since I have been taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil /Butter Oil every day. I have had a few incidents where I burned my hand on the oven, but it did not leave a mark. It still HURTS, but the pain did not persist. (Very strange). I am not entirely sure if the two are related, but it is sort of interesting.

So hopefully you manage to get enough sunshine without getting burned. The sun can be damaging to the skin, too much can be harmful. I don’t recommend using homeopathy in place of common sense when it comes to sun exposure. But it is a nice tool to have for those rare cases when we get more sun than our skin can handle.

I still keep an aloe plant at home. I am not sure why it did not help with my burn that one time, as it has given me relief in the past. Perhaps it only works for “dry burns”, which is what I have used it for.

What natural sun burn relief do you use in your family?

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