Homeopathy and Ear Infections

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The fall of 2016 was rough for me. I rarely get sick, other than a runny nose here and there. A few years ago our house was hit pretty hard. I am not sure why, but I was grateful I knew how to use homeopathy.

When I wrote this post on Arnica, I was still fairly new to homeopathy, and I still did not understand how it works. Quite honestly it bothers me, I have a very analytical mind and I have a hard time NOT intellectualizing things. (I have been told NOT to do this with homeopathy, to just let the symptoms guide me). But it is HARD. Homeopathy is so different from Allopathy, which is what we all grew up with. (I was even pre-med in college, so some habits are hard to break). In the past few years I have used homeopathy from everything from a sunburn to treating influenza. All I can say is it WORKS, amazingly well. (But you need to select the correct remedy). When you find the remedy that fits, it is like magic. When you don’t find the correct remedy it can be frustrating. It takes some level of skill to master homeopathy, and it takes experience. I hope someday doctors will be trained in homeopathy, but I think we are many years away from that in this country.

(I am not a doctor and this post is not intended to be medical advice. I am only sharing my personal experience. Always defer to your doctor).

So last fall my daughter and I developed a cough. Lily developed it first. As soon as I noticed her coughing, I gave her the two remedies, Aconite and Bryonia. (I actually purchased it as a mixed remedy, with Aconite 200C and Bryonia 30C). Aconite is a good remedy to use at the start of an illness.  Bryonia is an excellent remedy for coughing, (usually a dry cough). I gave this combination remedy to Lily any time she coughed and it worked pretty well. She still had the cough but it was not bad and she only coughed a few times a day. When I came down with the cough a few days later I tried a different remedy, Ipecac 30C. (I was curious to see if it would work better).  In hindsight I wish I had used the remedies I had given Lily because her cough went away and never developed into anything else. I was not so lucky.

A few days after the cough started I developed a sore throat. It happened at night as I was trying to fall asleep. I knew the first choice remedy for a sore throat is Belladonna. I took one dose of Belladonna 30C and nothing happened. I was sort of dissapointed, but knew I was supposed to try 3 doses before deciding if it was the correct choice. So 15-20 minutes later I took a second dose. This time, the results were IMMEDIATE. I could literally feel a cooling sensation in my throat as the sore throat melted away. It was amazing. I shared my experience on Facebook once and a friend warned me about Strep Throat and not treating it with antibiotics. The cool part is the sore throat only lasted 15 minutes. It was not a sore throat that I wrestled with for days, it was gone in 15 MINUTES!!

So I thought it was over, but another problem developed.

I developed an ear infection. I had only had an ear infection one time in my life. I don’t know how old I was, old enough to remember the pain. (I think I was three or four). It was the only time I was on antibiotics as a child. Sadly, I don’t even think the antibiotics worked. I think my ear drum actually ruptured anyhow. (So perhaps it was a viral infection). So as an adult I had an ear infection. I knew ear infections can also be treated with homeopathic Belladonna, so I tried that remedy first. It did not work. So I tried a few different homeopathic remedies for ear infections, (Hepar Sulph, Silica, and Pulsatilla).

Pulsatilla 30C seemed to help the most, and this is one of the best remedies for ear infections. The pain went away shortly, (so it is possible the remedies did help the infection). However my right ear remained clogged, which was incredibly annoying.  I thought it would go away on its own, but it didn’t. After a week I started to get annoyed, (I could not hear out of my right ear because it was clogged). Since I could not find the correct homeopathic remedy, I decided to try some “home remedies”. I tried Muellen garlic, an onion poultice, a “salt sock”, some ear drops from the natural food store, and colloidal silver.

None of the home remedies worked, and I had a hard time finding the correct homeopathic remedy. (A trained homeopathy would have found the correct remedy right away).

Fortunately, around this time I received an early Christmas present from my mother in law. It was the Banerjii Protocol book. (It is available on Amazon, but it is expensive). It is worth it’s weight in gold because it helped me avoid antibiotics.

This book is written by medical doctors in India who practice homeopathy. What I like about their work is they have documentation of medical conditions that have been helped by homeopathy. They have even successfully used homeopathy for cancer treatment. Their family has been using homeopathy for a few generations.

They have developed homeopathic “protocols” to treat specific aliments, and they have organized them into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line treatment protocols.

When I received the book I looked up the protocol for ear infections. (I had to search for it, since everything is categorized using the scientific names not common names. I used the protocol for serous otitis media from the Banerji’s book and it worked beautifully. (I don’t want to share the full protocol here on this blog because it required the use of a nosode in a high potency, which is not something a beginner should use). However, this is a great reference book to have if you are interested in homeopathy.

I had to wait for my remedies to arrive, so I decided to go to a chiropractor in the meantime. I had read that chiropractic care can help with drainage.

My remedies arrived in 3 days, and I took them right away.

What happened next was pretty amazing. The clogged ear/ear infection I had struggled with FOR WEEKS started to disappear. It did not take days, it took approximately 20 minutes. As the ear canal started to open up, the pain came back. (At this point I was grateful I had all the remedies from the protocol). I alternated the Chamomilla and Carbolic Acid a few times, and then the pain was gone. This time it was gone, it did not return.

So this is the beauty of homeopathy. When you find the right remedy, the results are amazing. It only does not work if you pick the WRONG remedy, (or remedies).

A few years later I had a clogged ear again. This time I had no other symptoms. The Banerji protocol that had worked well for me in the past did not work this time. I was pretty desperate to get my ear cleared because my family was traveling across the country by train in a few days. I even tried EAR CANDLING, which was an interesting experience. The ear candling did not work for me. Fortunately someone told me this homeopathic protocol for clearing my ear and it worked beautifully. It is now my “go-to” remedy for clearing my ears if they get clogged.

Kali Mur 30C every 15 minutes until the ear clears. (If there is no change at all after 2-3 doses, then do not continue with this remedy. It is not the correct choice.

I only had Kali mur 200 C but it worked. My ear was clear after 2 doses. Again, homeopathy saved the day.

I am not sure why I got sick in the fall of 2015. Last winter was the first time I have been sick in over twenty years. What I find interesting is I have only had antibiotics a few times in my life. I used them in college to treat a sore throat, and as a child for an ear infection. Is it possible the antibiotics suppressed these illnesses and my body was able to purge itself as I got healthier? I am not sure, it could be a coincidence. All I know is my views on illness and symptoms has certainly changed over the past few years. I have learned so much, and I continue to learn more every day. This past winter I managed to not get sick at all, other than a sniffle here and there.

Have you treated an ear infection naturally? What worked for you?

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