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How To Naturally Heal Tooth Trauma

What can you do if your child suffers trauma to a tooth and it turns grey?

Many will say there is nothing you can do about it. That has not been my experience.

Last year, my daughter slipped and fell in the bathroom. She hit her tooth on the lid of a garbage pail. The tooth suffered some trauma, but it was not chipped or broken. It looked a little bruised at the gumline though.

In that moment I was so grateful for homeopathy. Seriously. What else can you use in a situation like this?

I gave her one dose of Arnica 200c.

She was hysterical, then she wasn’t. In moments she calmed down and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Despite the dose of Arnica, she did develop a bruise at her gumline. I was still a little concerned about it, so I gave her homeopathic cell salts daily to strengthen her teeth.

Calc phos 6x, Calc fluor 12x, and Silica 6x.

I posted a question about the incident in a homeopathic forum, and I was told Ruta 30c can help too, if the ligament is affected, so I gave her a few doses of it, a few hours apart.

(I also learned that if a tooth is knocked out of it’s socket, you can put it back in and give a dose of Hypericum to help the tooth reattach. I hope I never need to test this out, but it is good to know. Hypericum 1M is what I was told homeopaths use in this situation).

A few weeks after the injury, my daughter’s tooth turned greyish/purple. This sort of freaked me out. She was only 4, and it was a baby tooth, but I was a little worried.

I was so grateful to have my homeopathic remedies to help her tooth heal. Many people told me her tooth would remain grey until it fell out, and was replaced by an adult tooth. I was not so sure about that. I knew the odds of complete healing were more favorable with my homeopathic first aid kit assisting me.

I continued to give her the homeopathic cell salts, (listed above), every day.

I also gave her Hypericum perforatum 200c until she told me the tooth no longer hurt if she pushed on it. (Hypericum is an excellent homeopathic renedy for nerve pain/nerve damage).

Approximately 4-5 weeks later, her tooth turned white again. I was so happy and grateful it fully healed.

Was it the homeopathic remedies? Was it luck?

There is no way to say for sure. However, it gave me a lot of PEACE knowing I did everything I could to heal that tooth. Though it was her baby tooth, my head was filled with thoughts of the tooth dying, and getting infected.

A dead tooth is not good for oral health.

So I am incredibly grateful I had a homeopathic first aid kit, and knew how to use it.

In hindsight, I should have alternated Arnica and Hypericum the first day it happened.

If the tooth was loose, Ruta 30c should have been given right away.

But Arnica, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.

If you do not have Arnica 30c in your first aid kit, you do not know what you are missing. (I have it in 4 different potencies, it is a gem of a remedy).

Arnica is AMAZING, simply amazing.

My daughter is 5, and she still has all her “baby teeth”. The “pirate” tooth, (which is what I called her gray tooth), was cute for a few weeks, but I am glad her smile is back to normal.

She has a beautiful smile that warms my heart. 🙂




I am not a medical professional, and I am not giving medical/dental advice in this article. I am only sharing my personal experience with tooth trauma. My daughter’s tooth was not cracked or chipped and there was no sign of decay. Always defer to your dentist or medical doctor in matters that involved your child’s health.

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