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Natural Tooth Pain Relief

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When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I got myself into a difficult situation with my wisdom tooth. I had a cavity before I got pregnant. My family had recently moved back to America and I had not yet found a holistic dentist so I put off getting it filled. (Not a good idea, I know, but it happened). After I got pregnant, it got worse. It was not painful at all, unless I put pressure on it. (I basically had to chew using one side of my mouth). I was able to halt the decay, (prevent it from getting worse), by following the diet and protocols from the book; “How To Reverse Tooth Decay“. I eventually had the tooth extracted, after my daughter was born. I did not need any antibiotics, (which was one of my fears). My holistic dentist literally told me she could not believe my face was not swollen. So though I do not recommend ignoring a deep cavity, I did learn how to prevent a horrible cavity from getting worse.

Please, if you have a bad cavity, DO NOT IGNORE IT. Any infection can spread to other parts of the body. I did not write this post to steer anyone away from proper dental care. I am only sharing this information because I know people can often find themselves in a difficult situation. Perhaps you have tooth pain and you can’t see a dentist because it is a holiday weekend. Maybe you are on a missionary trip in the middle of a 3rd world country with no access to good dental care. I can think of a few specific situations in my extended family, where someone had tooth pain and made an appointment to see a dentist but was in pain for a few days. I only mention my experience to demonstrate that I did actually have a bad cavity and I was in pain. The homeopathic remedy I chose worked at stopping my pain.

(I am not a doctor and this information is not intended as medical advice. I am simply sharing my personal experience).

Fortunately my cavity was in my wisdom tooth. The decision I made to have it extracted was not difficult, because a root canal was not even suggested, it was an obvious case for extraction. I have been blessed with very few cavities, (other than my wisdom teeth). Over the years I have read about the dangers of a root canal. I have never had one, and I hope to avoid the need for this procedure. I have read that there is no way to truly sterilize a tooth once a root canal is performed. If the cavity was in a molar, I am pretty sure a conventional dentist would have recommended a root canal. Over the past few months I have been researching ways to improve dental care, (both nutritionally and by personal dental hygiene). This cavity was a wake up call for me. I plan on sharing what I have learned in hopes that many will be inspired and learn how to prevent the need for a root canal.

So here is what happened.

My daughter and I were eating some celery sticks with almond butter as a snack after church on a Sunday. I made the mistake of chewing on the left side of my mouth. The pain was instant, shot right through my body. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this was awful. I kept expecting it to fade with time, hoping it was just a temporary irritation, but it did not stop. It continued.

I am not a fan of drugs, even OTC drugs. I was nursing my 2 month old daughter, so I was very careful about what I put into my body. I went to my homeopathic first aid kit and used the remedies I knew were good for pain management.

Arnica 200C was my first choice. I have used this remedy successfully for pain many times. Arnica is fantastic for bruising and soft tissue damage. Sadly, this remedy was not a good fit. The pain continued.

Hypericum 200C was my second choice. This homeopathic remedy is often used for “nerve pain”. I suspected the nerve in my tooth was irritated so this seemed like a logical choice. Sadly, this remedy was not a good fit, the pain continued.

At this point I was very irritated. Tooth pain is HORRIBLE! I tried alternating those two remedies every 20 minutes, which is something I learned in homeopathic classes I have taken. It is recommended to try 3-4 doses of a remedy, at least 15-20 minutes apart, before deciding if it is the correct remedy for your situation. I did this but still no relief.

I finally did a little more research, (a combination of researching homeopathic remedies online and my notes/books on homeopathy). I decided to give Staphysagria 200c a try. It seemed to fit my situation perfectly, (fear of penetration is a characteristic of this remedy “picture”, and my pain was aggravated by eating and pressure on my bad tooth).

After the first dose of the remedy, I felt relief very quickly. I knew it was the correct choice, the pain started to subside. (When this happens, it really is an amazing experience). Around 20 minutes later, I took a second dose. I felt very tired and was very comfortable. (If it was night time I would have fallen asleep, but this was the middle of the day). It was such a RELIEF!!! Once I found the correct remedy, the pain went away and did not come back again. (I did have the tooth extracted a few months later, but still fairly remarkable). This was not a tiny cavity in the enamel, this was a very large HOLE in my tooth. When I finally did see a dentist, she could not believe my face was not swollen up from the mess in my mouth. Homeopathy and clean eating kept the cavity from getting worse and I even experienced some healing of the tooth, (by following the diet specified in the book I mentioned). I did ultimately decide to have it pulled a few months later, just so I would not have to worry about it anymore.

I halted decay in a smaller cavity, in between two teeth, so the protocol does work. Deeper cavities are more challenging.

I highly recommend buying a homeopathic first aid kit. It was literally the best investment I have made for my health, I use it all the time. This is the first aid kit I started with. This is the first aid kit I used for my tooth pain; (I bought it for pain management during childbirth and it was AMAZING for that. It is also available on Amazon. (

I will be writing a post about the new dental care routine I use to prevent future problems. This tooth extraction was a wake up call for me. I intend to keep the rest of my teeth until I am old and gray.

Have you ever had tooth pain that you were able to manage without drugs? What worked for you?

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