Mosquito Bite Relief

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Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying critters on the planet. I used to suffer for days after being bit by them. It is hard to find relief for the itching, and the swelling.

Once, when I was a kid, I was bitten on my eyelid and my eye swelled up so much it was difficult to see! There wasn’t much I could do about it either. Icing it helped a little. Benadryl helped, sometimes, but it made me incredibly drowsy, (sometimes it knocked me out for hours).

The itching ,eek. Witch hazel helped a little, but not much. Even though you know scratching it is bad, it is hard not to! With kids that is part of the problem, they scratch so much it gets infected. 🙁

Now I am so grateful to have homeopathy, there is nothing better!!!

I have discovered a homeopathic remedy combination that takes care of BOTH the itchiness and swelling from mosquito bites. In the past I simply took homeopathic Apis 30c and it did help a great deal with the swelling.  However this year I added a new homeopathic ointment to my first aid kit and so far it has worked AMAZINGLY well.

Itch Relief

A few days ago I was bitten by a mosquito while tending my garden. (I know it was a mosquito because I squished it). My arm started to swell a little bit, so I took one dose of homeopathic Apis 30c and applied Hyland’s Homeopathic Bug Ointment to the bite.

Within 15-20 minutes the swelling went down and it did not itch as much. In an hour the itchiness was completely gone and the swelling was gone as well. It was absolutely AMAZING!!

I have never had a mosquito bite disappear that fast.

I am not sure if it was the topical ointment, or the combination of the remedy and the ointment that did the trick. (Update: it is the Apis 30c that reversed the swelling for me, and the ointment takes away the itch. I experimented this summer).

Today I was bitten by a mosquito again, and I was actually excited. Why? Because I had an opportunity to try this remedy combination one more time, to make sure the first time was not a fluke.

It worked beautifully, just like before. I am so happy I found a natural remedy that works well, and so quickly!!

Here’s the protocol again –

Shortly after getting bit I apply the Hyland’s Bug Ointment.
I also take one dose of homeopathic Apis 30c.
15-20 minutes later the itching is gone.
An hour later the swelling is completely gone.

I should mention that homeopathy is individualized medicine, so different people may require different homeopathic remedies. The Bug Bite Ointment has a few different remedies in it, so there is a greater chance it will work for you.  If my daughter swells up she seems to respond to homeopathic Ledum 3oc. So that is another remedy to consider if Apis 30C does not help with swelling.

I am experimenting with different mosquito repellents this summer. I have to be careful with essential oils while using homeopathy, because essential oils can interfere with constitutional homeopathic treatment. (My daughter is under constitutional care). If I find something that works well for us I will share it on the blog.

Bug Bite Ointment

Hyland’s Bug Bite Ointment

How do you treat mosquito bites? If you do try this combination please let me know in the comments. 😉

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