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The past few months have been busy. I have been doing my part to try to keep homeopathy available to all Americans. The FDA is positioning itself to remove the CPG 400.400, a critical document that has guided the FDA on how to enforce regulations with respect to homeopathy. There has been a lot of speculation about what this can mean for homeopathy in the future, but no one knows for sure. There is a strong possibility our access to homeopathic medicines will be affected. This would be very unfortunate, and I hope that does not happen.

If you have not done this yet please take a few minutes to visit the website for Americans for Homeopathy Choice. This grassroots organization has been working very hard to protect our right to use homeopathic medicine. (I have personally volunteered for this group, it was started by a few women who are PASSIONATE about homeopathy). It only takes a few minutes to contact your representative/senators and let them know you support homeopathy as a type of alternative medicine.

Since it is uncertain what the future of homeopathy will be in America, it is a good idea to purchase homeopathic remedies to have for future use. A homeopathic first aid kit is an excellent way to get started. The only way to prove to yourself homeopathy truly works is to try it. I will never forget my first homeopahitc kit. I was new to homeopathy and was not really sure what to think about it. I looked at some of the reviews for this small Helios homeopathic first aid kit. A few of the reviews on Amazon were not positive. The people who wrote the review made fun of homeopathy, but did not seem to have actually used the kit. I read the reviews, both good and bad, and decided to take that leap of faith. I did not really understand how homeopathy worked, but instead of listening to the naysayers, I decided to try it and decide for myself. If it didn’t work, then I would be annoyed that I spent the money on it. But if it DID work, it would be a life changing, paradigm shifting event.

So please, before you judge homeopathy, try it first. I have many friends who have tried it recently and have been pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

This is an excellent starter kit for someone who is new to homeopathy. It has many of my personal favorite remedies.


So here they are, my favorite remedies…

I am not a doctor, and this information provided is not medical advice. I am just sharing my personal experience with homeopathic medicines.

  1. Arnica (30C or 200C) – This remedy is a must have for every parent. I could not imagine motherhood without this remedy. This is a great remedy to buy to convince yourself homeopathy is more than a “sugar pill” because you will definitely need it at some point. It is excellent for bumps and bruises. When my family was on vacation at Disney my youngest bumped her head on a table. After 2 doses of Arnica 30c, the visible bump on her head was GONE! (I have witnesses). I also used this remedy in a higher potency during the birth of my daughter Addie. I had a great water birth, at home, no complications, no medications, and a FAST recovery. Arnica montana is AMAZING!
  2. Aconite (30c or 200C) – This is my second favorite remedy. This winter there have been a lot of weird “bugs” going around. I have used Aconite a few times with my daughter Lily to avert illness. One time she had a headache that came on very quickly after the weather became cold very quickly. She had a headache and her hands were cold. One does of Aconite 30c and she fell asleep. (This is a very good sign that a homeopathic remedy is working, because it is a sign the healing response in the body has been stimulated). When she woke up her symptoms changed a little and I used homeopathic Belladonna 30c. Well that was it, the headache was gone and no other symptoms developed. She did not get ill, no cough, no runny nose, fatigue, etc. The Aconite helped her body find balance and avoid illness. If your child is prone to croup, Aconite is a very good remedy to have on hand. (It is indicated for many coughs). Aconite is also helpful for any kind of emotional shock.
  3. Allium 30CThere were a few instances last year when I used this remedy when my nose started to “run”. I don’t get sick very often, usually a runny nose a few times a year is it for me. This past winter, with all the awful sickness that has been going around, I have been fine. Last winter I can remember a few times when my nose started to run a little, and I took 1-2 doses of Allium and my nose dried up very fast. I have had a few people ask me about homeopathic solutions for allergies. If the symptoms match Allium, (sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes), it is definitely worth a try. (Nat mur is another remedy often used for these symptoms).
  4. Arsenicum album 30CThis remedy is in my top ten because it is a very good remedy for food poisoning. Joette Calabrese, a homeopath I consulted with in the past, had a very interesting experience with Arsenicum album 30C once. Her husband ate some turkey that was left out on the counter for a few days. (He did not know it was left out that long). He got really sick, and the Arsenicum album helped him. (You can read the full story here). This remedy is useful for vomiting and diarrhea, (even if the cause is not food poisoning). It is not the ONLY remedy for these issues, so if you use it and it does not work, it simply means it is not the correct remedy. Both my kids had a stomach bug a few months ago and I started with Arsenicum album 30c. Though it definitely helped them, it did not resolve the problem right away. (It is very interesting to note that even if you choose the WRONG remedy the symptoms lead you to the RIGHT remedy). That is what happened to me, the symptoms changes and pointed to China 30C, which worked very well. My kids were not sick very long, less than a day. (They both were puking for a few hours).
  5. Belladonna 30CThis remedy has many uses. I had a very interesting experience with this remedy once. I had a sore throat that came on very suddenly. It was very painful, hot, and throbbing. It happened just as I was trying to go to sleep so I was really annoyed. I tried one dose of Belladonna 30c and my throat still hurt. Around 20 minutes I tried one more dose. This time my sore throat literally melted away in seconds. Friends, once you have an experience like this with homeopathy you will be convinced it is powerful medicine. I sometime still marvel at how fast it helped. (Homeopathy does not always work that quickly, but a well chosen remedy can work very quickly). I got lucky, I was very new to homeopathy at the time. I also mentioned earlier that Belladonna has helped my daughter with a headache too. This is a great remedy to have. Belladonna 30C can be used for someone with a high fever, but many homeopaths do not like to treat a fever, (since a fever is part of the natural defense system of the body).
  6. Bryonia (30c or 200C)- This is an excellent cough remedy. I have used it a few times combined with Aconite. have found it very useful. (Aconite/Bryonia is a combination remedy I learned about for coughs). Many classical homeopaths do not like combination remedies. I try to use one remedy at a time and “wait and see”. but my daughter had a cough once when I was a homeopathy newbie. I had a difficult time matching a single remedy but this combination worked very well. (There are so many different remedies that can be used for coughs.) You can read about this specific protocol here.
  7. Cantharis 30CThis is a great remedy for burns. I have used it to help with sun burn, a burn from boiling water, and also skin irritated from eating a hot pepper. The burn from hot water was very interesting. I accidentally spilled boiling water on my wrist when I was sterilizing a mason jar. I tried putting real aloe gel on it, (directly from the plant). This has helped me with burns in the past, but this time it did not help. I remember googling “homeopathy and burns” and I found a post that recommended Cantharis 30C and Hypericum 30c (for pain). I alternated these two remedies and the pain subsided after a few doses of each. But that was not what impressed me. I usually get blisters from burns like this, but this time that did not happen. I healed very quickly, without a mark.
  8. Hypericum (30C- 200C) This remedy is excellent for nerve pain. I used this remedy in a higher potency after I had my wisdom tooth extracted. (Hypericum 200C). It was not the ONLY remedy I used, but it was part of a post surgery homeopathic protocol. I did not need to use any pain medication after the extraction of my tooth. Also, when my daughter slipped and hit her front tooth I used this remedy to help the nerve in her tooth heal. (It had turned gray and I was concerned about it). It turned back to white after around 6 weeks. I do think homeopathy helped it heal.
  9. Ledum (30C – 200C) – The first aid kit I recommended earlier has this remedy in a 30c. I prefer the Ledum 200C because it can be used to prevent Lyme disease. If you live in an area that has a lot of ticks this is a remedy you should have. (Joette Calabrese has a protocol to prevent Lyme disease here).
  10. Lycopodium 30c – This is another good remedy for “gut” issues. This remedy was instrumental in clearing up some gut issues I had over the past few years. If a child has constipation, this is a remedy to consider.
  11. Nat Mur 30C – This fall I remember listening to a podcast about homeopathy, and the speaker discussed Nat mur. She said it is a good remedy to use if someone is sneezing to restore balance to the body. I also recall reading it is a good remedy to take after exposure to chlorine at a pool.
  12. Nux Vomica 30C – This remedy is good for stomach issues that develop after eating too much junk food. It is the remedy of excess. (Sweets, coffee, alcohol, etc). If your child wakes up in the middle of the night, between 2-4 am, this remedy may be helpful. That happened with Lily once, she woke up during this time. Oddly enough, I remembered this remedy is good for that so I gave her one dose. She fell asleep shortly after. It is a remedy to consider for constipation. If a child has a stomach ache after eating too much junk food, consider Nux vomica.
  13. Mag Phos 30C – This remedy is very useful for cramps. I used it during childbirth for pain management and it worked. It also helped with the cramping that occurred after childbirth.
  14. Pulsatilla 30c – This remedy is great for ear infections. I had an ear infection once years ago and this remedy definitely helped. It is a great remedy to have if you have young children. (I have found that Kali mur works better for me for a “clogged ear”, so that is another remedy to consider).
  15. Staphysagria 30CThis remedy helped me with tooth pain. I was stuck in a bad situation when I was pregnant, (a wisdom tooth with a deep cavity). It hurt any time I put pressure on it. (The cavity was very deep). One day I put pressure on my tooth unintentionally when eating some celery. It HURT a LOT. I tried Hypericum at first but it really did not help me, (it was not the correct remedy). But one dose of Staphysagria 200C and the pain melted away.(Note – the 30C and 200C refers to the potencies. The higher the potency the more “potent” the remedy. In homeopathy, it is recommended to start with a lower potency and work your way up to the higher potency. Each individual case is unique, sometimes a higher potency may be needed.)

Influenzinum 30C -This remedy earned great favor with me this year. I was conflicted about using it because the flu does not usually concern me. But this year my family went to Disney and getting sick on vacation would have been a big inconvenience, to put it mildly. I decided to administer influenzinum 30C to my family to prevent the flu, BEFORE we went to Disney. I was glad I listened to my intuition because were were exposed to the flu on vacation and we did not get sick. My eldest daughter did get a headache and was a little warm for a day but truly that was it, other than a few hives on her arm. Others who traveled with us had many flu-like symptoms that stayed with them a few weeks after our trip. So it is hard to ignore how well the Influenzinum 30C worked for my family. I have also had many positive reports from other friends who have used Influenzinum successfully. This remedy is different than the other remedies listed above because it is a nosode, so it is one that the FDA is looking at more closely right now. I am concerned it may not be as easy to buy in the future. So this is one remedy I might consider stocking up on.

Properly stored remedies do not go bad. Homeopathic manufacturing companies are required to put “expiration dates” on homeopathic remedies, but the expiration dates have no meaning with homeopathic medicine. You need to store homeopathic remedies properly, away from extreme temperatures, cell phone radiation, wireless devices, etc. If you store them properly you will be using them for a very, very long time. I have heard stories of remedies being passed down for generations and still remaining effective.

So those are the remedies I have found most useful over the past 5 years. A good homeopathic first aid kit is worth it’s weight in gold. I have been adding homeopathic remedies to my stash slowly over the years, but in hindsight, I wish I would have just taken the plunge and bought a few large homeopathic first aid kits. It is very frustrating to read through a Materia medica, find the correct remedy, and not have it at home.

What is a Materia medica? How do you use it?

That my friends, is a post for another day.

I hope you find this post useful. Homeopathy is wonderful medicine, but it truly is different than any natural medicine. It does not refer to “home remedies” as many mistakenly believe. It is a unique form of medicine that has been used all over the world for over 200 years. I share this information because I want everyone to have non-toxic and affordable healthcare.

Health is wealth, and homeopathy has truly blessed our family.

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