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Allergies – bleh. I have never suffered from them in the past, but a few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and my eyes were ITCHY. It was actually only my left eye. I woke up at 2AM and I literally could not fall back asleep because my eye was really irritated. I could not stop rubbing it.

I stumbled into my laundry room, half asleep, and reached into my trusted homeopathy kit. I found the remedy that I was seeking – Allium cepa 30c. I took one dose, and moments after my eye stopped itching. I was able to lay down and go to sleep peacefully. I chose the homeopathic remedy Allium cepa 30c mostly because my eyes were irritated. The sensation reminded me of how my eyes felt when I would cut an onion and they would tear up. (This is how homeopathy works, like treats like).

I also chose this remedy because I have tried Nat mur 30c in the past, for a runny nose. It did not work nearly as well for me as Allium cepa. That is the tricky part about homeopathy, it only works if you match the symptoms to a remedy. Nat mur 30c was my first choice for a runny nose. However, if the eyes are irritated then a different remedy is most likely needed. (Allium cepa is what came to my mind, but there are other homeopathic remedies to consider).

Last Tuesday my left eye started to irritate me again at the Library. It was red enough that my friend said something to me about it. I said, “I know, my eye is bothering me. I wish I had some Allium on me. Do you happen to have some?” To my surprise she did! You see, I told her about Allium cepa 30c a few weeks ago and she has been using it for allergy symptoms too, and has been very satisfied with the results. This is a good reason to spread the word about how great homeopathy is! An increase in demand means an increase in availability!

If you prefer homeopathic “eye drops”, I have read good reviews about this product. (Euphrasia officinalis 30c is another remedy I considered, just from memory. It is an active ingredient in these eye drops).

I should note that this remedy, Allium cepa 30c is not just for allergies, I have used this remedy in the dead of winter when I felt a cold coming on, and my eyes were watery and itchy. One dose and my symptoms were gone in 15 minutes. (This does not always happen, sometimes the improvement is minor, but when the symptoms melt away it truly feels magical).

I understand some people do not like to shop on Amazon. I hope you can find these homeopathic remedies locally. Some natural food stores do carry them, I have found them at 2 stores close to me, (though the selection is not always that good). For those of you who do not use Amazon and cannot find remedies locally, Iherb is an alternative website to order from. You can find Allium cepa 30c here . Iherb was an amazing resource for me when I lived in South Korea, international shipping was very affordable.\

Anyhow, that is my experience with natural relief for allergy symptoms. I have had many questions about allergy relief in the past, but I have not had any personal experiences to share until now.

I hope this post brings someone relief. I love homeopathy. It is so inexpensive, effective, and no awful side effects like many OTC drugs.

If allergies have been plaguing you for a very long time, I highly recommend homeopathic constitutional care. A professional homeopath can help you get to the “root cause” of the allergies and literally uproot them for good.

But in the meantime, I hope you find some allergy relief with the remedies I mentioned.

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