Plastic Free Shopping

South Korean grocery stores have a great system in place. Customers use re-usable shopping bags, but for larger orders there are boxes available for free. In the front of the store, just past the checkout point, there are large tables set up with boxes folded and stacked. (The boxes are from store deliveries). There is also packing tape available. The customer boxes up groceries, no plastic bags needed. I was impressed by the Korean system.

Of course the best way to reduce waste is to bring your own bags.

I have tried out a few different types, but this is the one I prefer, the Chicobag. I have a few larger cloth bags, and I do bring them with me when I shop at the farm or the farmer’s market. (I have acquired quite a few). But I really like the convenience of the Chicobag. Other smaller shopping bags I have used needed to be folded to fit in the case they came with. (After just one use, that can be sort of difficult).

The Chicobag has the case attached to it, so you can’t lose it. There is no folding required, you just stuff it back in. The bags also look really pretty. (I know functionality is more important but they do look nice).


It is very convenient. When you have children, convenience is key.


Today is international plastic bag free day, so I thought it was a good time to share my experience with this re-usable bag.

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