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Hyland’s teething tablets, which was a “go-to” teething remedy for many moms, is no longer available. Hyland’s decided to voluntarily discontinue this product in response to pressure from the FDA. So many “naturally minded mothers” have been struggling to find an alternative.

Not to worry, there are plenty of homeopathic remedies that work, many of which were in the Hyland’s teething tablets.

I learned this protocol from my homeopath, and it has served me well.

Chamomilla 200c and Calc Phos 6x twice a day. Use only if needed, and stop giving the remedies once the symptoms have improved.

I have used this protocol with my youngest daughter and she has handled teething very well. (She is 14 months old and has a molar completely in and she has not been fussy, she is a very happy baby). I have not needed to use anything else, (no sticky teething nets with fruit in it, etc). I only use these homeopathic medicines if it is obvious her tooth is bothering her. (Obvious signs like jamming her hand/spoon in her mouth and fussiness). She might be young, but if she is cranky and I take out the homeopathic Chamomilla; she will smile and reach for it.

Hyland’s teething tablets were great, and I do not think they were dangerous in any way. But truthfully, I did not care for the Belladonna in it. It is homeopathic Belladonna, (12x), so the amount of Belladonna is minuscule, far too low to be toxic. It is simply personal preference. I do not like to use a remedy unless it is indicated, and I have not needed to use homeopathic Belladonna for teething. Homeopathic Belladonna is an excellent remedy, it just never matched my children’s teething symptoms. (They were not red faced and angry, no fevers when teething, etc).

If you want a blend of homeopathic remedies for teething, I have heard good reviews on Boiron’s Camilla. The active ingredients in Camilia are

  • Chamomilla 9C HPUS – Relieves teething pain accompanied by irritability
  • Phytolacca decandra 5C HPUS – Relieves painful gums
  • Rheum 5C HPUS – Relieves minor digestive disorders associated with teething (source)

In fact, the remedy Rheum 5C caught my attention because it is supposed to help with digestive upset associated with teething. My oldest daughter, Lily, used to get weird slimy green poop when she was teething. The homeopathic Rheum may have helped with that.

Here is a quick break down of other individual homeopathic remedies that are helpful for teething, some of which were in the Hyland’s teething tablets.

Homeopathic Chamomilla will work for most babies, it was a remedy that was used in the Hyland’s teething tablets. However, it is not the only remedy indicated for teething. My second choice for a teething remedy would be Calc Carb 30C. A child who needs Calc Carb 30C for teething has a large head, (in proportion to body size), and has a sweaty head when falling asleep. I am not sure why that is, it is something I read about years ago. A “Calc carb” baby is also slow to teeth.

Calc Phos 6x is a cell salt that assists the body with Phosphorus absorption. (Part of the protocol I use).

Belladonna 12X, (the potency used on Hyland’s teething tablets), is a homeopathic remedy used for a child that is hot tempered and angry when teething. A child who may benefit from Belladonna often spikes a fever when teething.

Coffee cruda 30C is a remedy that was also a part of the Hylands teething tablets, (though Hyland’s used a lower potency). It is a great remedy to help with sleep issues, (for babies and even adults).

I mention a few of the other homeopathic remedies because what works for my kids might not work well for yours. The first protocol I listed, (Chamomilla 200c / Calc Phos 6x), should help most babies. But if Chamomilla does not help your child, then consider trying a different remedy. (I give 2-3 doses of a remedy before deciding it is not the correct one).

Other non-homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy has been so effective for me that I hardly use any other natural remedies. But I did try a few in the past before I learned about homeopathy.

Amber necklace

I used one for my oldest, but mostly when she was older. I am not sure if it helped, I put it on her mostly when we traveled into the city on the train. I did not let her sleep in it because hers did not “break-away” and I was concerned about that. Many moms say these necklaces work well for teething. I did not use the necklace at all with my youngest because I did not really need it.

Gum drops

I did try clove oil a few times with Lily. I bought a pre-made blend because I did not know much about essential oils at the time, and the one I found was specific for teething. (I can’t remember the name of the brand I used). I tried using it on my gums first, and it definitely had an interesting numbing effect. I would not use essential oils and homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are sensitive to the strong aroma of essential oils, and clove oil might hinder the healing effects of the homeopathic remedies.

Biogaia probiotics

I started using Biogaia probiotics when Lily started teething. Oddly her gums did not seem to bother her very much, but her digestive system seemed to be irritated. I eliminated dairy from my diet, (since I was breastfeeding), and I started giving her Biogaia probiotics, and her little gut really thanked me for it. The weird green mucus poops went away.

I have a few teething bibs and a silicone teething necklace. They were cute and nice to have, but I don’t feel like I really needed them.

So if you have used Hyland’s teething tablets and you are distressed because you cannot find them anymore, there are similar options available. I purchased a few boxes of Hyland’s teething tablets before they were discontinued, but I have not had to use them. I actually prefer the Chamomilla 200C.

What homeopathic remedies have you used for teething?

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