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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Yesterday, my daughter bumped her head against the wall. I saw it happen but I was too far away to stop it. (I guess this is why they are called toddlers, they are vertically challenged at times, especially when they are tired). Poor Lily was hysterical, but I was able to remain calm, (once I saw there was no blood). I took the first aid kit out of my purse, grabbed a tube of Arnica cream and rubbed a little on my daughter’s forehead. Within seconds she stopped crying. I asked her if she was O.K. She said yes, and gave me a hug. As an added precaution I gave her a few of the homeopathic Arnica pills, (which are supposed to be more potent).

Today the bruise on her head is hardly noticeable. It is amazing.

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I don’t know why all moms and dads don’t know about this! I heard about Arnica a few years ago. A good friend told me about it. She gave me some to use for Lily when she was younger. The Arnica cream has proved to be a valuable resource. I literally do not leave home without it. I have used it on myself and it relieves pain very quickly.

I decided to write about this because I don’t know why this is not common knowledge. This stuff is awesome!! What else can you do for bumps and bruises; put a pack of ice on it? That is not something that is practical to carry around. There are chemical cold packs too, but that is just for the swelling. I guess it can numb the pain too, but I don’t think it works as well as the cream.

The Arnica pills can be used by themselves for pain. One time Lily fell down while running outside in the driveway. She scraped her knees and was crying hysterically. In this situation the Arnica Cream would not be a good choice because of the scrapes, (which were not bad, but were bleeding a little). So I gave her a few of the Arnica homeopathic pills and the tears were gone almost immediately. Once she was calm it was easier to tend to the scrapes on her knees.

When your little one gets hurt it is a gut wrenching experience. Sure, kisses and hugs help too, but it is a great feeling to be able to have a remedy available that can alleviate the pain without using a drug with unwanted side effects.

Technically, it is classified as a drug by the FDA, but it is difficult to describe or define homeopathy. For example; Arnica montana is a flower, but the high potency Arnica pills do not actually contain any molecules of the flower itself. Some call it “energy medicine”, others will call it nanomedicine. The truth is no one fully understands exactly how it works.

Honestly, I was skeptical about homeopathy at first. I have always been sort of a “science snob”. I was a science nerd in high school. I graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Biology. Homeopathy did not fit into my understanding of how the human body functions, it could not be explained by biochemistry. It was just weird to me.

However I am also adventurous. I decided to take a risk and consult with a homeopath. I had some digestive issues and adrenal fatigue and I was very limited in the types of detox I could do because I was still nursing. So I set up a free Skype consultation with a well-known homeopath and ended up hiring her. I only needed one consultation, because my health issues were minor. Once I started the remedies they started working immediately.

So after I saw the positive effects of homeopathy one would think I would be convinced. Not exactly, I still wasn’t really sure. I thought it was the “placebo effect” or maybe my changes in diet. I really struggled with this. So I decided to do an experiment. I purchased a homeopathic first aid kit from Amazon. I read through the reviews and most were good, though  there were a few “negative nellies” who wrote reviews as well. (I was not sure they actually used the product, their comments gave me the impression they had something against homeopathy). I decided to ignore those comments and assess the product based on my experience. The only way to really put homeopathy to the test would be to have the remedies available.

This was just over a year ago. In the past year I have used homeopathy for bruises, sunburns, burns, pain, foot/ankle pain, and bug bites. I was surprised by how effective it is. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe, but seeing is believing. I believe what I have personally witnessed.

So what should you do with this information? You can dismiss it, have a good laugh, and go on with your day. Or you could give it a try. If this does interest you, start small. Order a vial of Arnica Pills and keep it with you at all times. (You never know when you will need it). If you are not comfortable with the pills, try the Arnica cream.

Note: I am not a doctor and this post is not meant to be used to treat a disease; it is for educational purposes only. Homeopathy does not treat an illness or chronic disease. I am just sharing my personal experience. In order to be treated or diagnosed you should seek the advice of a doctor.

Oh, and I also recommend this book, The Impossible Cure, The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy Lansky PhD.   The first time I read it I was very skeptical. But now I am reading it again with “eyes wide open”. This book is an amazing story about a mom who helped her autistic son by using homeopathy.

Have you used Arnica or homeopathy? What has been your experience with it?
(I may have some more interesting stories to share about homeopathy soon, so stay tuned.) 😉




New info on homeopathy –http://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/health-fitness/health-news/The-nano-effect-of-homeopathy/articleshow/9580370.cms

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    Jennifer Anderson
    November 14, 2015 at 12:22 am

    How wonderful!!! I has to use Arnica when I was running marathons. That and tiger balm helped with the soreness. I leaned more towards Arnica as it didn’t have as potent as a smell. I use Aloe from our plant and Aquaphor on my daughters boo boos. However, even though they work great, I trust Arnica more. Didn’t know it was safe to use on children til now! I will try tang as I’m sure there will be a next time instead of Aquaphor. I didn’t know about the pills! Thank you! Will see if I can get them on amazon!

    • Reply
      November 15, 2015 at 2:55 am

      😉 You can get it on Amazon too! Here is the gel. http://amzn.to/20TZpzd. Here are the pills. (http://amzn.to/1Nxg3e9). Boiron makes the Arnica pills too, but I find that Hyland’s pills are easier for kids because they dissolve in the mouth. I am actually pleasantly surprised by the selection of homeopathic remedies on Amazon. I used to order from iherb when I lived in Korea because it is one of the few places that shipped internationally.

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