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Freezing the Harvest

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It is January, just a few days into the New Year and I am already missing the fresh produce that went straight from our garden to our table.

Earlier this evening I rummaged through the freezer looking for a package of sour cream culture. I never did find the culture but I did find a few packages of sweet corn that I froze this past summer, (during the peak of harvest season).

Tomorrow I plan on cooking it to have with crock pot barbecue chicken. I am pretty excited for dinner, (a rarity these days, lately I have been stuck in a rut).

Now I am very grateful I took the time to freeze some of the produce that came from our garden and CSA.

Thanksgiving was the first time I tapped into our frozen “preserves”. I saved our final harvest of green beans for the Thanksgiving green bean casserole. It was fantastic!! Some vegetables are easier to freeze than others. Many have to be blanched, (plunged into boiling hot water), before freezing. Some can simply be washed, dried, and frozen without much fanfare. I am new to the food preservation world, so I found myself “googling” freezing instructions quite a bit.

With the sweet corn, I didn’t actually prepare the corn for freezing, I just saved some corn that was leftover after dinner. I simply scraped the corn kernels off the cob into a FoodSaver bag and vacuumed the air out of it, (using my FoodSaver of course).

To freeze the corn properly, I should have “blanched” it for 4-6 minutes, then submerge it in cold water to stop it from cooking.

I think it will taste fine. It probably won’t have the mouthwatering sweetness it had at the peak of the season, but it is better than the canned corn at the local grocery store.

Some people LOVE corn. I am not one of those people. But I have to admit, the corn that I got through the CSA I joined this year was absolutely delicious.

I am very pleased with the quality of the produce from our CSA. I encourage anyone who is serious about eating clean to join one.

My “New Year’s Resolution” is to try to reduce the waste my family produces, (and save money). Fortunately the two go together. Every vegetable I preserve will get us a little bit closer to this goal. I will try to share what I learn through trial and error on this blog.

Happy New Year. I hope 2019 brings many blessings to you and your family.

Update: I cooked the corn last night and it was delicious!! I just covered it in water and heated it up for 10 minutes. Even my husband commented on how good it away. Forget that stuff in a can, it was worth the extra effort to freeze it.


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