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I despised Costco when I live in South Korea. It was a mess on the weekends, and that was the only time we could go, (because of my husband’s work schedule. He had the only car).

So I found an easy way to order Costco foods and have it delivered directly to my home. (Awesome).
When we moved back to America I had high hopes of finding something similar. I was crushed when I found out that Peapod did not deliver to our area. 🙁
So I continued to order from iherb and drove to the nearest “good quality” grocery store, which is about a half an hour away!!!

Then I found Thrive Market. It is a buyer’s club which markets to health conscious shoppers. It carries a lot of organic and non-GMO foods. It advertises an average of 30% savings off retail prices.

I have seen a few bloggers advertise this website and I often see negative comments on Facebook posts about Thrive Market; saying it is too expensive.

I suppose it depends on what you buy. I like the convenience of it, (free shipping for orders over $49.00).There IS a membership fee of around $60.00 per year. However, I did some quick calculations on items I order monthly, and the membership pays for itself with two items I order, (because of the discounted pricing).

I didn’t just take their word for it, I compared pricing and actually ran some numbers. I calculated how much an annual supply of a few products would cost me at Thrive Market. I then compared it to the cost of the same items at other online retailers I often order from, (specifically Amazon and iherb). The annual membership pays for itself with savings on just two items.

(Note: Thrive Market’s price for “Purity Farms ghee is the cheapest I have found. I did some price comparisons at a few grocery stores too).

Ghee (Purity Farms) – 2 jars a month

Thrive Market – $10.95
One year supply – $262.80
iherb – $12.96
One year supply – $311.04
Amazon – $15.88 ( too expensive)
Save $48.24 a year on ghee

Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (16 oz) – 1 jar a month

Thrive Market – $10.29
One year supply – $123.48
iherb – $12.42 (too expensive)
Amazon – $11.97
One year supply – $143.64
Save $20.16
$48.24 + $20.16 = $68.40

Conclusion: Membership easily pays for itself.

I love ghee. Those numbers are conservative, I probably go through more than two jars a month because I cook with it every day. The coconut oil was also a conservative estimate.

I am not sure why some people complain about the pricing, I have found the discounts to be very significant. Thrive Market works for me.

(Also, I have been warned about toddlers and Costco. Apparently the two don’t go together very well for some strange reason. Toddlers +Costco = misery. I have been warned by a few of my friends).

If you are interested in a free 30 day trial, here is an invitation to “try before you buy”. You get a 15% discount on your first order, so it’s worth checking out.

Have you tried Thrive Market? Please share your experience so others can benefit from it

Have a fantastic day!!

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